Get Apple Jacked

Move over colossal mega protein super builder bar there is a new snack in town…apples just might be the food of choice for those looking to prevent atrophy and promote hypertrophy.

A substance called ursolic acid that is found in apple peels was recently tested on mice and the results were promising.  Healthy mice actually experienced muscle growth when given the substance.  A reduction in muscle weakening was found when the acid was given to fasting mice.  You can read more about the study here.   Though I am a personal trainer and have tried more than a few shakes, powders, and pills I always end up going back to basics: whole foods.  Though proper nutrition is important there is no need to nix the farmers market and obtain all your meals in bar form.  Instead of trying to remember which amino acids to take with which fat-burning pill remember this simple equation: good energy in = good energy out.  If you fuel your body with good nutritious food you will feel better and increase your energy.  Increased energy leads to more activity which in turn leads to more productive workouts.  Whether you want to get leaner or add mass, nutrition is an important part of the equation.  When  it comes to muscle building,  the orchard might just be the new GNC.