Physical Strain Improves Your Brain

“Jock” and “meat-head” aren’t necessarily synonyms for “rocket scientist” or “Mensa member” , but new research shows that being an intelligent individual and pumping iron might not be mutually exclusive.   In fact, recent studies have shown that regular exercise (in particular strength training) improves brain function.  It is believed that improved overall blood flow due to exercise does not stop at the neck.  Better blood flow in the brain leads to better cognitive function.  So let’s think about this in a more holistic manner: in my previous post I pointed to research attributing yoga to pain relief and healing due to increased blood flow.  In this post, I am pointing to research that shows exercise as a means to improve the mind through increased blood flow.  We already know that exercise helps your heart by (wait for it….) increasing blood flow.  Still unconvinced?  When health fails to motivate you can always count on vanity: exercise improves skin tone by flushing out cellular debris by (drum roll please) increasing blood flow!  So all those ladies who don’t like to sweat because it’s unattractive keep the larger picture of eternal youth and a glowing complexion in mind.  I could go on and on but I hope by now you are having trouble seeing the downside of physical activity.  Who among you would not want be a smarter, healthier, happier, and more attractive individual?

Next time you are at the gym and are having a hard time remembering the square root of pi go ask the musclebound man on the squat rack.  The answer might be closer than you think.

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  1. Okay. I’m going to workout now. You’re making me feel more motivated (and guilty)!

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