Making it Over the Mountain

It is widely known that a difficult life situation can have a profound effect on health. I’ve had a crash course in dealing with difficult situations during the past year and consequently have found some tools to make things more manageable. With my birthday and Mother’s Day so close to each other the first part of May has been a particularly rough time. The following are some tools I’ve used to maintain relative health during a difficult time:

-Impaired Digestion- When stressed our bodies tend to shut down unnecessary functions so we can fight or flee. Unfortunately digestion suffers and stomach pain results. Eating a healthy and easily digestible diet can help. For extra assistance add a good probiotic or experiment with the ayurvedic remedy Triphala. You can read more about the effect of stress on the enteric nervous system here.

-Interrupted Sleep- Insomnia is a common problem related to stress. Whether the problem is getting to sleep or staying asleep yoga and meditation can prove helpful in reminding our bodies how to relax. The deep breathing associated with yoga and meditation combined with calming movement and poses can help shut down the stress response and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. Styles such as yin or restorative yoga are ideal before sleep. If waking up in the middle of the night is the problem keep a guided sleep meditation by your bed and to play when you wake during the night. You can read more how yoga and meditation can help with sleep here.

-Increased anxiety- When times are difficult the world tends to feel like an unfriendly place. In an effort to keep us safe our sympathetic nervous system remains in a heightened state to protect us from threat. Decreasing stimulants such as caffeine can be helpful, along with fortifying the nervous system with important nutrients. Reminding the body to relax by adding moments of stillness and deep breathing during the day is important while burning off excess energy through exercise promotes emotional balance and helps to strengthen the immune system. Click here to read about nutrients that help ward off anxiety.

-Low energy- Times of stress and grief in particular tend to wear us down. While getting extra rest is a great idea too much time on the couch can drain energy further. Balancing rest with movement that you enjoy (a relaxing walk, bike ride, swim, etc.) can help raise energy levels. Making sure meals and snacks are well balanced can help provide a steady stream of vitality. Read more about how exercise enhances overall energy here.

If life is a marathon then working through tragedy is like running up a mountain. While the only way to truly heal during a difficult time is to experience and move through it taking care of the body can make the process more bearable.