Humble Pie: The New Superfood

About a month ago my husband and I attended the wedding of a a couple of friends.  It was a beautiful summer day at a ranchImage high up in the mountains of Colorado.  We had started out in Denver and had been enjoying exploring the city, tasting healthy food, running, hiking, practicing yoga, and (pregnant, sober) bar-hopping.  Being over a month into my second trimester I was especially enjoying a resurgence of energy and feeling pretty much like myself again aside from my Buddha-esque profile.  As we drove two hours into the mountains to the wedding destination I was looking forward to celebrating the marriage of my husband’s best friend and being a part of the classy New York Time’s covered event.  After a lovely ceremony the time came for cocktail hour.  We chatted with friends as my husband sipped his bourbon and I my water.  As I boasted relayed to another guest how wonderful I’d been feeling despite being pregnant my eyes started to gray out and moments later I crashed to the ground, narrowly avoiding the metal heat lamp behind me.  I came to surrounded by three nurses, my very concerned husband, and about 98 other wedding guests.  Needless to say I was mortified and more than a little freaked out.  As I hid in my hotel room I was comforted by the movement I felt in my belly, especially since my husband was able to feel it for the first time.  It was good to have some reassurance that things were ok in there despite recent events.

One thing I’ve learned about health and fitness in general is that although it does wonders for your confidence, it’s best to check your ego at the door.  Though I never pegged myself as a “fainter” I for sure would thought if such a thing were to happen I’d be squatting with a heavy barbell on my back, not standing with a glass of water in my hand.  Go figure.  As much as I hate to admit it, humbling experiences are not only beneficial but crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The following are some positives to remember when you experience one on your fitness path:

They remind us to be mindful of our body: encountering an accident or injury often shifts focus internally, forcing us to become more aware of our deeper physical state.  It’s easy in fitness to get caught up in external goals (lifting heavier, running faster, still being able to kick ass with a baby in your belly) but not always as easy to recognize what’s driving us internally to accomplish these things.  No one ever embarks on a fitness plan in an attempt to feel worse but if we are not in tune with what’s going on internally that might be the end result.  Look at an injury or accident as a wake up call, a chance to refine your skills and accomplish your goals in a healthier and more productive way.

-They reignite our desire to keep continue with our goals: the upside of being an underdog once in a while is the desire to come back even stronger, and who doesn’t love a good comeback story?

-They make us better teachers: the tough thing about never encountering a setback is that you don’t know how to help others to overcome them.  Humbling experiences make us more compassionate and helpful human beings.

-They make us more resilient: The more times you fall down the better you become at getting back up.  Sooner or later falling down doesn’t phase you any more because you realize it is just part of the process.

-They make for good stories: If nothing else you can use your humbling experience to entertain friends at a dinner party or as material for a blog post…..

Enjoy the days when a great workout makes you feel on top of the world but when something happens that stops you in your tracks remember: A.) Failing is good for your health and B.) Humble pie is part of a healthy diet.


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