Stay Fit When Summer Hits

Summer is a mixed bag when it comes to health and fitness, on one hand you have the availability of numerous outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, running, walking, tennis, and golf to keep you moving when the temperatures rise.  On the other hand you have nutritional challenges such as backyard barbecues, family vacations, and trips to the ice cream parlor that can make it tough to stick to your usual healthy eating plan.  The following are some tips to keep you fit from Memorial Day to Labor Day:

Make use of longer days:   Enjoy a pre-breakfast run or post-dinner walk to avoid working out during the hottest hours of the day.  If you must workout midday be sure to wear light clothing made of moisture-wicking fabric and stay hydrated throughout.  Too hot to be outside?  Make use of indoor fitness classes in your air-conditioned gym!

Be proactive at parties: Bring a healthy dish to share at your next back yard barbecue.  It will give you at least one healthy option and odds are others will appreciate having something nutritious to munch on.

Think locally: Sure cheeseburgers off the grill are synonymous with summer but so are fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Make use of farmers markets or take a family outing to a “pick your own” farm to get some exercise while enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Come back from vacation feeling better, not worse:  Often times vacations become a vacation from health.  Indulging a bit on foods you truly enjoy is fine, just be sure they are worth it.  That fried lobster may be too good to pass up, but save some calories by ditching the blah potato chips alongside.  Try that same balance when it comes to exercise.  A little rest is a good thing, but be sure to keep up with some feel-good activity such as walking the beach, stretching, or swimming laps in the hotel pool.

By taking a few simple measures to stay fit and healthy you can get the most out of the season and still stay on track.  Have a fun and fit summer!