Motivation in Movie Form

Do you ever want to hang out on the couch watching movies but feel like you should be doing something more productive with your life?  Why not relax and learn something at the same time by watching a documentary?  Ever since Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 hit Super Size Me there has been a rise in health-related documentaries, specifically those having to do with the food industry.

A few top recommendations to get you motivated :

Food Inc.:  Food Inc. explores the food we eat and the journey it takes from farm to  supermarket.  It also touches on the locavore movement which hits close to home if you live in Charlottesville!

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead: This documentary is the story of one man’s journey from being an accurate representation of the title to a much healthier and happier individual.  It’s like the opposite of Super Size Me, instead of filling up on burgers and fries he fills up on fresh vegetable and fruit juice.  *Warning, this movie may entice you to invest in a juicer*

Forks Over Knives: If Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead makes you want to buy a juicer, this may make you consider being a vegan (or at least consider adding more vegetables to your diet).  The film was created by two doctors, one a nutritional scientist and the other a top surgeon, who explore the theory of food as medicine.

So, find a comfortable spot on the couch (or if you really want to be productive a foam roller) and enjoy a movie this weekend!