Trend Setting

January is typically a time of renewal, righteousness, and resolutions, many involving health.  While some people focus on the health of their bank account the majority of people in the US resolve to have healthier bodies.  Snacks of cookies become snacks of carrot sticks.  Evenings of caroling with family and friends are replaced with evenings of spinning with random strangers at the gym.  January is also known as the most depressing month of the year.  Coincidence?  I think not. You cannot expect to magically transform into a completely different human being as soon as the year changes and not end up completely disappointed.  If you didn’t like spin class last year what makes you think you will like it this year?  Getting healthier does not mean shunning everything that feels good for a lot of things that don’t.  Getting healthier should make you feel better about yourself and life, not worse.

If  you are having a hard time finding the workout that is right for you rest assured there is no lack of choice for the modern-day fitness enthusiast (or want-to-be enthusiast).  Every December the American College of Sports Medicine releases its top 20 fitness trends for the coming year.  You can access the full article complete with research statistics  here or the watered down but quicker to read version here.    Educate yourself on all that is out there and see what speaks to you.  Try one, ten, or all twenty options until you find a few you enjoy (or at least can tolerate for the greater good).  Fitness is a young and ever evolving industry that is constantly creating new and different ways to get people up and moving.  With a little research you can alleviate a lot of boredom and discomfort and ultimately find your path to a better you.  Release some endorphins to ensure a happy new year even after the champagne buzz subsides.

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