Variety is The Spice of Life

You wouldn’t watch the same movie over and over, read the same book, or go to the same restaurant.  So why have you been doing the same workout for so damn long?  Aren’t you bored yet?  The fitness industry is well known for constantly coming up with “the workout to end all workouts” every time you turn on the television.  Though innovation is a good thing, shunning everything you’ve ever done and joining a Kettlebell cult is not the way to go.  I love Kettlebells as much as the next trainer but would not put my client on a strict Kettlebell only regimen.  That goes for any piece of equipment, class, or routine.  Look at the variety of ways to move your body in this world and realize how lucky you are.  Even in small towns nowadays the options are endless (especially with the wonders of the internet!).   Find something you enjoy and do it!  Strengthening, stretching, sweating, anything goes.  When it comes to exercise, it’s hard to over do it, easy to under do it, so at the risk of plagiarizing one of the most famous outfitters of athletes and average joes alike: Just do it!