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My Toughest Client

From the time I moved out on my own I’ve wanted to adopt a dog.  Living a fairly transient life in New York and then Chicago made accomplishing this difficult.  After marrying my husband we agreed we were settled down enough to add another member to the family so a month after the wedding we …

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Rebirth of a Blog

It’s been almost 9 months since my last blog post.  I could have had a baby in that time, instead I’ve been knocked up twice.  The bad news is the first one didn’t work out.  The good news is the second one did.  As I write this I am almost at the half way point and feeling …

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Are You Afraid of the Gym?

Halloween is a day synonymous with fear.  It’s the one day a year when instead of putting aside our fears we are expected to revel in them.  Going to a haunted house might make you shudder a bit but how about stepping into the gym?  Do the musclebound men grunting their way to perfection make you queasy? …

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Three Ways to Find Flow in Your Workout

The education of attention would be an education par excellence. –William James The study of happiness has accelerated in recent years.  More and more scientists are finding that there are specific actions we can take to make ourselves happier.  Though our genetic set point plays a role (generally about 50%), a mere 10% of an …

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Who’s Your Cheerleader?

We all know that a little encouragement goes a long way.  Think about your favorite boss, teacher, or little league coach…odds are the person that pops into mind made you believe you had it in you to pursue whatever endeavor you were intent on pursuing, even when doubt and fear was telling you otherwise.  Most …

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Stay Fit When Summer Hits

Summer is a mixed bag when it comes to health and fitness, on one hand you have the availability of numerous outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, running, walking, tennis, and golf to keep you moving when the temperatures rise.  On the other hand you have nutritional challenges such as backyard barbecues, family vacations, and …

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5 Ways to Fit

The phrase “crash diet” is well-known in our society and its connotation has never been a positive one.  We all know that drastic changes may work once in a while to jump-start a transition to an overall healthier diet, but this style of eating rarely works for the long haul.  Dining on cabbage soup day …

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Eat Like a Bird

If you thought eating seeds was for the birds, think again.  Good things come in  small packages and these little nuggets of nutrition can do a lot of good for your body.  Experiment with the following varieties to add some nutritional bang to your calorie buck: Chia Seeds:  You may be familiar with the name, …

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Motivation in Movie Form

Do you ever want to hang out on the couch watching movies but feel like you should be doing something more productive with your life?  Why not relax and learn something at the same time by watching a documentary?  Ever since Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 hit Super Size Me there has been a rise in health-related documentaries, specifically …

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On A Roll

Need a massage but don’t want to spend the money?  It might be time to invest in a foam roller.  Known in the fitness world as “the poor man’s massage”, foam rollers have been gaining popularity with athletes and non-athletes alike.   They come in various sizes and densities, but no matter what type you …

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